The Morrigan, Courtney Weber

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An illuminating exploration of Irelands ancient dark goddess the beloved phantom queen of the Celtic world with practices for modern-day devotees.
The Morriganis one of Pagan Irelands most famous--and notorious--goddesses. Her name translated as phantom queen or great queen, the Morrigan is famous for being a goddess of war, witchcraft and death, protection and retribution. This book also explores her patronage of motherhood, healing, shapeshifting, and the land. Classified among the Sidhe (fairies), the Morrigan dates back at least to Irelands Iron Age, but she is as modern as she is ancient ¢enjoying a growing contemporary and global following. Author Courtney Weber provides a guide for the modern devotee of this complex, mysterious goddess that encompasses practical veneration with modern devotionals, entwined with traditional lore and Irish-Celtic history.

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