Witchs Book of Mysteries, Devin Hunter

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Reclaim Control of Your Magic and Your Life
Transcend Your Limitations and Enter the Pyramid of Light and the Labyrinth of Darkness
Devin Hunter, author of groundbreaking works The Witchs Book of Power and The Witchs Book of Spirits, makes a powerful statement on how you can deepen your Witch Power and further develop your relationships with familiars, guides, spirits, and gods. The Witchs Book of Mysteries invites you to embark on a pivotal journey designed to help break you free of the illusory cultural energies that hold you back from true magical vitality.
With spells and rituals drawn from the authors own book of shadows, this book explores energetic self-orientation, the Witchs Eye, and the Witchs Tree techniques that will support and embolden you on your quest to achieve personal gnosis. Learn the extraordinary practices of the Witchs Dream and the Witchs Sabbat, and initiate into the mysteries of the Cosmic Grigori, primordial guardians of space, time, matter, energy, and quintessence. Ultimately, the path of the witch takes you to the six gates of the Labyrinth of Diana. Through these gates, the authentic nature of the soul is found and God Herself is revealed.