January’s Name Sake

Roman God Janus, is the God of January. The word January comes from the Latin word Januarius, translating to Janus. The whole month of January is sacred to Janus. Known as the God of beginnings and endings, Janus is the perfect god for the first month of a new year. Janus also rules over portals, doors, and gates. He is the god to call upon when you want blessings on your first steps of a new journey. His physical appearance further emphasizes his attributes. He is the two-faced god, having a face in front and another on the back of his head. Notably, Janus is different than most Roman Gods as he has no Greek counterpart.

Working With Janus Magickally

Known as the Door Keeper, Janus is a mighty God to call upon when starting out on a new journey or path in your life. As the overseer of both beginnings and endings, He can also assist you when trying to determine the best possible outcome for your new journey.

He is also the right God to call upon when you want help trying to end a new habit or destructive thought process, or letting go of emotional baggage that no longer serves you.

Janus is a God of prophecy. You would do well to call on Janus when you are trying to understand or receive prophetic dreaming or working on developing your divination skillset.

Honoring Janus

In January, during his namesake month, you can honor him by making an offering for Janus. Have your entire household participates in the creation of a threshold offering is recommended. It is all the better if you can do this in the evening. Your offering should be something you can leave near your front door. A typical offering by the ancient Romans would have an image of a key on it. Keys are sacred to Janus as is the staff, and images associated with time. The official stone of January is garnet, which can also make a wonderful offering. In his temples, the numbers 300 and 65 are frequently found carved on items. You may also use images of maps, and trips when making your offerings.

In the morning, rise and exit the house with all of the participants and warmly greet each other outside. You honor Janus by welcoming him on both sides of your threshold.


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September 02, 2022 — Lorraine Annacone

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