Alchemy & Aura engages a variety of practitioners, many of which are based in the Wilmington area. They immerse our community in warmth, healing, and happiness. No matter what religious faith or spiritual path you follow, our practitioners create a space of learning and a sense of belonging with their unique abilities. Through tarot and oracle cards, mediumship, palmistry, or uniquely connecting with Spirit, let the team at Alchemy & Aura illuminate your journey.

Ashlyn Aquarius

Ashlyn Aquarius is a 2020 NCSU psychology graduate, spirit medium, & gifted intuitive card reader. Using a combination of psychic abilities, Ashlyn is able to look into the past, present, & future energies surrounding an event, ongoing situation, place, or person - including those that have passed on.

Each of Ashlyn’s readings are a combination of Tarot & Oracle card pulls. Each of the cards have a traditional & intuitive meaning based on the positioning, placement, and other cards surrounding it. The message is then interpreted in an easy-to-digest & loving way that aids you in gaining insight into your unique situation. Each reading is meant to leave you feeling refreshed, uplifted & redirected back onto your Divine path!

Ashlyn has been reading Tarot & Oracle for North Carolina residents & clients across the globe since 2019. Virtual sessions are an option for our far-away friends! 

Beth Urban

Elizabeth Urban, "Beth" also known as Oceanside Oracle, has been a practicing profession psychic since 2019 and a practicing astrologer since 1997.  Her clair gifts have been with her since birth and she taught herself astrology, tarot, and oracle cards, intuitively around the age of 13.  For many years she gave her family and friends practice readings but did not start professionally until 2019.  Her experience and education is completely innate and self taught.She has been psychic all her life but did not embrace and develop her gifts until later on into adulthood.  Her readings have been described like someone took a psychic, oracle, and tarot cards, meeting with your BFF and putting them all into a blender.  Clients also describe her sessions as spiritual counseling.  She is a psychic, and intuitive card reading, an empath, an astrologer, and an angelic messenger.

Karen Woolf

Karen is a Board-Certified Adult Health Nurse Practitioner. She has been in healthcare for over 30 years. Her interest in holistic healing and other spiritual modalities sparked in the early 1980s. She was an RN at an institution in Arizona that offered training in Therapeutic Touch for their nurses. After taking that training, her passion for energy healing was activated and she became a Reiki Master in 1984. Karen incorporated energy healing with traditional Western Medicine in her practice as a Nurse Practitioner.

Karen moved to Carolina Beach in 2014. She became a Shamanic Practitioner in 2015 and became a Board-Certified Meditation Specialist teacher in 2016. Karen is a certified with the National Meditation Specialist Certification Board and is listed in their directory. Since then, Karen has continued to expand her holistic services. She combines Shamanic Energy healing, Reiki, crystals and aromatherapy in her practice.

Karen believes in a holistic approach to her clients involving the needs of the Mind, Body and Spirit. She connected with Spirit and the Angelic realm in 2018 and is an Advanced certified Angel Intuitive and practices Evidential Mediumship.

Karen is a Certified Advanced Angel Card Reader and an Advanced Angel Intuitive and Healer. She studied at The One Light Center in Raleigh, Durham. Her studies were based on the learnings of Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue. For as long as she can remember, Karen has been an empath and intuitive. Her work as a nurse brought her many experiences with patients and their families with near-death experiences and transitioning to the other side. She started noticing she would hear and know things she couldn’t explain. It wasn’t until she started her Reiki practice that she realized she was getting messages from spirit.When Karen was introduced to the Angelic Realm, she found great wisdom, love, comfort and confirmation of her intuition. She continued her studies and obtained the following Certifications: Angel Card Reading Certification, Angel Intuition and Healing Certification and Advanced Angel Intuition and Healing Certification.

Karen connects with Spirit, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Guardian angels to bring guidance in any area of your life. These readings can provide wisdom and healing and can help you to release negative patterns and tendencies that have been holding you back in this lifetime. Karen works with Archangel Oracle decks and will provide you with loving and gentle messages from Spirit and the Angelic realm.

Nicole LeBlanc

Angel Therapy Practitioner, Nicole LeBlanc has been intuitively reading various oracle cards for 23 years. Nicole uses her clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizance gifts from God to offer Intuitive Guidance and readings for Releasing, Healing Balancing and Empowerment. She speaks with a positive creative approach to navigating one’s life journey. Psychic Insights, Oracle Cards and Spiritual Guidance, Crystal energy are tapped into to bring clarity and new enlightening perspectives. As a Transformational  coach she helps her clients come into alignment, recognize truths, balance their energy in mind, body and spirit and attract their desires by empowering clients. She leads Law of Attraction groups, Facilitates the Point of Essence Process for Indigo’s Adult/Children Healings, Offers Crystal Reiki Sessions, Chakra Clearing and Balancing and Intuitive Sacred Readings which often include Mediumship.

She works with clients of all kinds, couples, families and gifted children. She has a passion for kids and helping them to be happy and loving. Born and raised in Southeastern Massachusetts and lived in Virginia.  Her readings and sessions are creative, intuitive and healing in nature, focusing on accessing years of experience and holistic knowledge as well as being at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, The ARE in Virginia Beach where Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet lived and worked.These readings and sessions benefit those who are searching for clarity, guidance, direction and a more peaceful life experience. Her passion is Spiritual Healing, Ministry and Heart Centered Messages to clear energy, uplift and release blockages and transform energy.She has been on her own personal transformational health journey of releasing 135 pounds of weight in 8.5 months. She offers and a deeper understanding of loss, recently losing her beloved Lady, her cocker spaniel of 14.5 years old recently. Working through her own grief has brought her even closer to the spiritual realm and now she is receiving messages from pets! Especially her Lady Bug.

Laura McLeod

Laura is an Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher. She began her journey in 2015 when several events sent her life into upheaval and she was searching for guidance and healing. After receiving her first Reiki session, she knew that part of her journey was to become a Reiki practitioner. This journey has changed her life in beautiful and unpredictable ways: by introducing her to so many amazing people, by opening her up to and teaching her other healing modalities, and by healing her in ways she never knew possible. Now she loves sharing her practice with anyone who is drawn to it!     Laura works intuitively with the energy of Reiki and the energies of the client so she will incorporate other healing methods as the session calls for them. Needless to say, every session is different, even for the same recipient.    Reiki works to serve the greatest good of each recipient so all sessions are based in Unconditional Love and the purest of Divine Light. Reiki is safe for everyone and works great with other medical or therapeutic techniques to promote recovery. 

Kathryn Babson

Kathryn is a highly sensitive empath, medium and psychic who uses her talents in service of the highest and best good. Kathryn is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but has lived in North Carolina for the last 20 years where she enjoyed raising her two kids.  She comes from a traditional background, works a full time job, and is currently getting her MBA from UNCW Cameron School of Business.  She came into her abilities suddenly and unexpectedly as a result of a Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening. She hopes to bring the same comfort, clarity and healing to others through her sessions that she herself experienced in her awakening.

 Kathryn offers evidential mediumship, connecting with your loved ones in spirit with recognizable evidence to establish their connection to you.  She is also able to read your Soul Records in the Akasha, read your personal energy field and provide healing through Access Bars, Reiki and Trance.  Detailed descriptions are provided in the specific listings.

 A private session with a medium is a unique opportunity to experience and communicate with the very close presence of the spirit world. Experiencing a session with Kathryn can help connect you with your own intuition so you can build the confidence to communicate with loved ones and other divine guidance on your own.

 Kathryn can offer most services in person or online with zoom. She regularly conducts sessions for clients as far as Japan, Portugal and New Zealand and can accommodate your schedule by request.


Heather Gordy

Hi, my name is Heather! I'm here to support your soul embodiment where we meet harmony in our multidimensionality and human experience. As an interdimentional channel, energy worker, and Ascension guide, I study the mechanics of energy through the physical body and quantum field to offer healing on a full-bodied, multidimensional, soul level. We work together to awaken your innate connection within the body, Self and Spirit where you can hold presence, meet profound transformation, and awaken to more of You, all creating space to live free in your purpose and Divine Truth. We focus on providing deep care for you self-sovereignty as you come into your own leadership, creative ease, trust and inner healer. Everything here is birthed through spiritual devotion in pure intention to offer support for you unique process of healing, soul growth, and Ascension. Learn more at

Readings are for entertainment purposes only & not a substitute for medical or mental heath advice.