Where To Begin With Color Magick

Learning the basics of color magick will help improve any energetic work you are doing. Color Magick is the art of knowing each colors unique properties and using them to assist you in your efforts. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of ways to incorporate color into your magickal practice daily. Therefore, in this article, we are attempting to fill in the color magick basics for you.

The Elements

To start with let us look at the colors associated with the elements to build a framework of how color works together through many different associations.

Air is the element associated to the color yellow and is the East. In fact, the element of air is the dawn, communication, thought, and Spring.

Red is the color that represents the element of fire. It is the South and the place passion resides. Also, Red is rebirth, transformative, love, and creativity.

Water is the element that occupies the West.  It is known by the color blue. Here are the waters of birth, and death. This element is emotion and compassion. Consequently, it is wisdom and the ebb and flow of life.

The element of Earth is the color green in all of its forms. Earth is practical and grounded. It is the element of  the solidness of  stone. It is the energy necessary when hard work is needed. Finally,

it is curiosity and strength.

The Days Of The Week

Each day of the week has its own color and ruling planet. As a result, you can use that knowledge to build the energy of your working by factoring it in.  By choosing a complimentary day based on its color to start any working you’ve complimented the energy by one more layer.

  • Monday – Ruled by the Moon; white, silver, lavender, and pale blue.
  • Tuesday – Ruled by Mars; red, scarlet, orange, and black.
  • Wednesday – Ruled by Mercury; orange, and purple.
  • Thursday – Ruled by Jupiter; royal blue, purple, and green.
  • Friday – Ruled by Venus: red, pink, and aqua.
  • Saturday – Ruled by Saturn; deep purple, black, and white.
  • Sunday – Ruled by the Sun; yellow, yellow-orange, neon shades of yellow and orange, and pink.

Color Magick And Associated Properties

Each color has a set of properties associated to it. So when you begin calculating the qualities you want to invoke, employee the color that best suits your needs.

  • White – Spirituality, protection, and cleansing.
  • Yellow – Communication, intellect, learning, concentration, action, and wisdom.
  • Orange – Empathy, confidence, legal matter, and pride.
  • Red – Ambition, vigor, endurance, passion, lust, and ambition.
  • Pink – Friendship, gentleness, reconciliation, and love.
  • Purple – Psychic matters, success, commitment, and power.
  • Blue – Healing, guidance, spirituality, truth, and happiness.
  • Green – Fertility, employment, good luck, prosperity, and beauty.
  • Brown – Nature, grounding, the animal kingdom, security, and lost things.
  • Grey – Divination, psychic awareness, legal matters, and secrets.
  • Black – Rebirth, binding, stability, and divination.
  • Silver – The Goddess, the Moon, visions, and intuition.
  • Gold – The God, the Sun, life forces, and longevity.

How To Put Color Magick To Use

When taking all of the factors of color magick into consideration, you can use color magick in a wide variety of ways. Similarly, you can use it through candles, stones, and feathers. Likewise, you can use altar cloths, flowers, the Chakra system, and countless other ways to work with color magickally. By incorporating color into your magickal workings, the possibilities are endless.

September 02, 2022 — Lorraine Annacone

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