The Missing Piece

Sometimes, we find that, despite the best of our abilities, some of the intentions we've set aren't finding fruition. We may spend countless evenings ruminating on what we want or need, only to become increasingly frustrated or dejected the longer it takes to arrive. 
While this may be for a number of reasons (maybe what you want isn't actually of benefit to your greater purpose, or the time isn't right yet, for example), it might also be a matter of missing out on an important piece of willwork: the release.
In several practices, once you've set the intention and have either done the ritual, created the vision board, said your prayer, or finished whatever practice you personally do, a critical part of manifesting that intention is releasing your preoccupation with the outcome and replacing it with the certainty that if it's meant to happen, it will happen when it's meant to, and if not you'll still be sustained in the best manner possible even if it doesn't quite look like what you had expected. Then, carry on! 

Don't Attract the Lack

One reason why this is important is because you feed or attract whatever you give your attention to, and while focusing on "I need money," or "I am manifesting rent money coming to me soon" may seem like you're giving focus to the money coming, the anxious worry sparking the need to repeatedly speak or think those affirmations are actually stealing the show. Your subconscious focus is coming from a place of lack rather than abundant assurance. 
Instead, it's best to set the initial intention and then carry on knowing you will be well, no matter what, and certain that what you need always finds its way to you, so you don't have to worry. Admittedly, this takes practice. Especially for those of us who have grown up in survival states and surrounded with scarcity mentality. And this isn't to say that worries won't happen, but this helps us redirect how that worry affects us and, in turn, our attraction. 

Phrasing Your Intentions Effectively

Another tip I always gave customers at our shop was to take note of how they phrased their intentions. "I need money," for instance, is placing focus on the need, or absence itself.  You're essentially empowering the fact that you're in need of money versus bringing money to you. "I will have money" puts a nebulous timeline to the manifestation. You want to speak as if the process is already happening and certain. With that in mind, "I have the money I need when I need it," is the best way to present this particular statement. It places you in that mindset and as such, your attraction begins to work along those parameters.
Now, "I have what I need (and more) when I need it" is the ultimate phrasing of this example intention, because not only does it bypass our limited vision of what the true goal (security) is by taking out the money element entirely, it's also proclaiming that we are actively living in safety, security, and abundance. The goal is taken from the place of the future tense to the now and there is a sense of releasing our attachments to the outcome by allowing the universe/god(s/esses)/spirits/our Higher Selves to take the reigns on the specifics. 
So, the next time you're doing manifestation work, keep these notes in mind. Try them out and see how much of a difference they make!
August 25, 2023 — Madii Gilbert

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