Apricot Agate Tumbled

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Apricot Agate has a very nurturing and warm grounding energy which makes us feel safe and loved. It gently releases fear and helps us to understand, or at least make peace with, death and other great unknowns. Apricot Agate helps us to become more spiritually mature and provides us with a deep internal sense of stability and peace. It is useful for self-reflection, contemplation,  building self-acceptance and self-analysis.

Apricot Agate helps us to let go of anger and bitterness, and find the courage to begin anew. It helps us feel safe, promotes love & understanding and encourages us to create and maintain healthy boundaries. It is particularly useful for anyone who suffers from codependent relationships and those recovering from addiction. 

Chakras: Crown & Heart

Customer Reviews

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Apricot Agate

was picked out for me, and I love it!

Marissa Hunt
So beautiful!

I love my apricot agate! Such a unique and beautiful crystal that I was so excited to add to my alter and crystal collection!
I also love my flower agate crystal as well!

Apricot Agate Tumble

Such a pretty stone. Looking forward to wearing this.