Mini 2" Singing Bowl Box Set

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The perfect singing bowl "starter kit", this adorable 2" mini metal singing bowl comes with a box, mini mallet, & cushion.  Whether you're just becoming familiar with the art of meditation & sound healing, or you'd like an easy on-the-go meditation tool, this little kit is a convenient & easy way to meditate.  

Made in Nepal.  Bowl measures 2" diameter.  Box measures 3.25"W x 3.25"L x 3.25"H

Singing bowls are played by striking with a soft mallet to produce a warm bell tone & harmonic overtones.  They may also be played by the friction of rubbing a wooden or leather-wrapped mallet around the rim of the bowl to produce overtones & a continuous "singing" sound.  The natural & harmonious sound emitted is used to invoke a state of deep relaxation, assist in meditation, & encourage achievement towards enlightenment.