Advanced Chakra Healing- by Cyndi Dale

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Remove Energy Blocks and Achieve True Healing through the Four Pathways

Join world-renowned energy healer and bestselling author Cyndi Dale as she provides a comprehensive guide to energy and chakra work using the four pathways healing system. The concepts and techniques of this potent approach are designed to be totally aligned with divine love so that you can achieve the awakened state that brings true healing.

Featuring nearly fifty hands-on exercises and a full-color insert, this book shows you how to negotiate the pathways—elemental, power, imaginal, and divine—through the subtle energy organs known as the chakras. You will explore the energy patterns and programs that underlie imbalances and illness and learn methods for energy mapping as well as Cyndi's signature Spirit-to-Spirit practice. The four pathways are interconnected and dynamic, so when you transform one you transform them all, leading to healing outcomes that are based in the unifying energy of love.