African Cowrie Shells Divination - by Zolrak

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Divination with cowrie shells is one of the oldest known spiritual practices in the world. Originated by the Yoruba people of West Africa, cowrie shell divination is a powerful technique for connecting to the wisdom of ancestors, spirits, and deities.
This book share the history of cowrie shell divination and showsyou how to open the portals of spiritual communication with the shells and related divination systems, such as cola nuts and coconuts. Written by a longtime practitioner, African Cowrie Shells Divination provides the meaning of the sixteen shell combinations as well as tips and variations for readings based on the specific questions being asked. Discover the powerful messages of the Orishas and the mystical divination techniques of Candombl, Santeria, and other traditions the African diaspora. Explore the instructive stories known as patakkis and apply their guidance to your life.