Amethyst Elestial

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The term "elestial" refers to a formation of crystal that only occurs with stones in the Quartz family, wherein many plates or "faces" of the crystal grow forth from the primary stone, and can result in the stone appearing to have multiple points or terminations. This formation gives the stone a unique energy signature, which is displaced across the many elestial faces.
Called the "All Healer." Amethyst is a powerful tool for spiritual expansion and cognitive understanding. Stimulates the higher mind and allows one to easily enter into a meditative state. A natural choice for psychic opening and intuitive work.  Creates a powerful resonant field that helps to remain clear and centered while staying open to spiritual direction and intuitive information. Cleans all other stones.
Chakras: All
Specialty stones are priced by weight; all measure approximately 2.5" at longest point.