Angels, Angels, Angels!, David Christopher Lewis

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Angels are beautiful, bright beings of light whose charge is to amplify the feelings and the divine emotions of God. They are also messengers of God who deliver to mankind guidance, hope and understanding as well as graces, virtues and blessings. They inspire us, assist us and raise our consciousness; they save us from peril and danger. They are our servitors and our wonderful divine friends, always available to us. We learn in messages from over forty angels that we are always encouraged to call to our friends of light for greater assistance and that, by invitation, they are always available to help us through any crisis, difficult situation or even in our daily activities. Our lives may become much more sublime and joyous as the precious angels interact with us to lighten our load and inspire us in so many ways. In communion with the angels our lives are happier and more fruitful. Find out how angels are working with humanity today! Author David Christopher Lewis has been visited by angels over 700 times over the last 16 years. Here are their mystical and practical revelations. Discover the name and mission of angels never before revealed!

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