Aromatherapy Garden: Growing Fragrant Plants For Happiness & Well-Being

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The Aromatherapy Garden shows us how to create a beautiful, scent-filled garden. This detailed guide offers tips on how design for fragrance, with tips on where to place plants, how to layer the aroma, and advice on companion plants. A plant directory includes growing information and aromatherapy uses for 88 fragrant plants. And a section dedicated to bring fragrance indoors includes simple techniques for making potpourri, herbs, dried wreaths, herb pillows, natural cleaning products and teas.

“Kathi guides you to all the joys of an aromatic garden with wonderful tips, fascinating facts, and sumptuous photos.” —Mandy Aftel, acclaimed natural perfumer and author of Essence and Alchemy and Fragrant

Immerse yourself in the healing power of fragrance! The Aromatherapy Garden explains how fragrant plants can be as therapeutic as they are intoxicating, and how easy it is to add this captivating element to gardens large and small. It reveals the scents, secrets, and science behind fragrant plants, and how to optimize the full benefits of fragrance. Kathi Keville, internationally known aromatherapist and herbalist, shows you how to bring the magic of fragrance indoors; make your own body oils, liniments, and tonics; and create rich garden scent combinations. The nose knows—and with Keville’s expertise, now you too can benefit from that knowledge to create your own sanctuary of health and happiness.