Art of Dreaming, The, Carlos Castaneda

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Bestselling author Carlos Castaneda introduces readers to the worlds that exist within their dreams.  A classic cornerstone of dream interpretation, 'The Art of Dreaming' allows people to look within themselves for the answers that ultimately lead to a life filled with serenity.  

Containing detailed descriptions of different dreaming techniques, Carlos Casteneda's groundbreaking approaches through the protean teachings of don Juan are geared to show, as well as guide, a dreamer through the four stages (or "Gates") of dreaming.  After mastering passage through the four Gates, one will have better command of their own dreams, the potential of those dreams, & what they symbolize in our waking world.  

Whether explaining enlightenment by the essense of everyday sorcerers or detailing the dangers that many marked beings around us emulate, 'The Art of Dreaming' shows a higher plane in which we can all live justly & peacefully, protecting our spiritual selves & those important to us from all the world's harm.  

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