Ascension Handbook

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This book tells us where we are going individually and collectively, but whats not mentioned in the original is the question of who is going to take our culture there, namely the younger generations. In the last two decades, weve heard much about how those in their twenties and below Indigo and more recently Crystal children are a new breed of human, and more in touch with their soul identity. As such, they are having a hard time living within the world they are inheriting. But for ascension to work, that old world must change to support the kids and not the other way round. What must not happen is for the old world to dig its heels in and try to force the kids to adapt to it instead, or dope them up with Ritalin. That would just give us more of the same rather than ascension and drive the kids crazy along the way.
Until the Indigo children are actually running the schools and other institutions if we still have any in a few decades time, we must begin to collectively adjust those institutions to support the new children. If you are a parent or teacher, in addition to your own personal ascension process, that transition task will fall to you. So ask the kids, What changes do you need to see in the world so that it works for you?
As adults, we must also listen to and learn from these new children, because they see the world and life differently and may be able to teach us adults a thing or two about ascension. This is true for Indigo children and doubly so for the Crystals, who are born practically ascended, with powerful psychic gifts and spiritual insights.
Its become clear that many younger souls do not feel ready for ascension and want to leave the planet so they can reincarnate on a substitute Earth and continue their growth there. As a result, we can expect to see many more mass crossings such as the huge tsunami a few years ago. This is not a cause for fear but celebration, as those souls see their crossing as liberation. Be assured, if your soul wants to experience the ascension through you, it will.
Another aspect of ascension is the date of December 21, 2012, which marks the end of the Mayan Long Count that started in 3113 BC. It is also the end of the 25-year grace period given to humanity at the Harmonic Convergence by the planetary consciousness, or Gaia. At that time, she announced her own ascension and put us on notice that wed better be ready and clean up our act.
What will actually happen on that date is anyones guess because, as were often told from the higher dimensions, we humans are still scripting that. However, ascension is a process and not an event, so it may turn out to be some kind of landmark in the process, and not some big bang thing. Time will tell, but do not go into fear; instead, just do the work, follow your spirit without hesitation, and above all, make it fun!

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