Black Tourmaline & Dumortierite Bracelet 8mm

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Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones for protection - psychically, emotionally, & energetically . It helps to alleviate negativity and disharmony & may be  beneficial to hold onto in social settings or environments that may be toxic or draining.  It is an effective grounding stone that connects us to Earth energy, keeping one grounded, calm, stable, & away from people who outwardly project negativity.  For the hypersensitive or the emotionally intellect, black tourmaline encourages & strengthens our logic-mind & reminds us to remain rational instead of irrational or impulsive. 

Dumortierite is referred to as “The Stone of Patience”. Dumortierite is known to be a stone of self-reliance & discipline. Its calming & soothing character helps one navigate & process through disease. Working with the Throat & 3rd Eye chakras, it helps one communicate effectively, opens one's mind to insight & guidance while helping to eliminate stubbornness. 

Bracelet has small silver witch's hat charm.