Dendritic (Tree) Agate Worry Stone

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Tree agate is often called the “Stone of Plentitude” as it inspires abundance, growth, gratitude, & prosperity into all areas of life.  Linked to Mother Nature, it helps us channel our energy towards what brings us closer towards truth & authenticity versus investing in material desires disguised as our “needs”. Its dendrites (branch-like inclusions) remind us to remain grounded, while also connected to the Universe & Nature as it nourishes the roots of a sustainable, connected, plentiful life.  Place in garden pots or planters to enhance your green thumb & encourage healthy plant growth!

Chakras: Root & Crown

Each worry stone is made of 100% natural polished moss agate with a thumb print for rubbing to help ease worries or fears.  

Measures:  ~1" x 1.5"

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