Discover the Aspect Pattern in Your Birth Chart, Glenn Mitchell

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Read Your Birth Chart with Confidence Using This Guides 100+ Charts & Examples
Professional astrologer Glenn Mitchell gives you a strong foundation for chart reading, presenting clear information about aspect patterns and the immediate psychological insights they provide. From the Bowl and Bundle to the T-Square and Grand Trine, these patterns reveal your personality traits, talents, values, and aspirations. Plus, theyll help you read the birth chart of anyone in your life so you can improve your personal and professional relationships.
Featuring over one hundred charts and numerous case studies, including those of famous figures like Oscar Wilde, Dustin Hoffman, and Helen Keller, this practical guide helps you clearly and efficiently identify patterns and interpret them. Youll also explore imbalances, unaspected and retrograde planets, intercepted and duplicated signs, and more. This essential book has everything you need to master the birth chart and deepen your astrological practice.