Dreams & Visions, Edgar Cayce

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Everyone dreams, science now affirms. Americas most-documented psychic viewed dreams and visions as messages from a deeper level of consciousness. This book offers Cayce insights and guidance for better dream recall, dream interpretations, dream guidance, heightened ESP, and even better sleep.

According to Edgar Cayce, there are four types of dreams we may experience: those pertaining to our physical health, those revealing our inner selfs dynamics, those that are precognitive and psychic, and those that are visions from the higher spiritual realms. Learn how to enjoy the benefits of each of these in your life.

Includes Cayces instructions for understanding messages of love or concern or advice - as well as warnings - in dreams from loved one that have passed on but continue to communicate with us on earth from the other side. Theres also a chapter revealing how Cayce interpreted dreams, including his own.

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