Durga Riding Lion

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Durga is the most popular incarnation fo Devi and one of the main forms of the Goddess Shakti in the Hindu pantheon. According to legend, Durga was created for the slaying of the buffalo demon Mahisasura, by Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and other gods who were powerless to overcome the demon. Shakti embodies the collective energy from the gods and presents a fierce menacing form to her enemies. Durga is usually depicted riding a lion or tiger and with eight or ten arms, teaching wielding a special weapon given by one of the gods. Durga is the wife of Shiva and daughter of the Himalaya mountain, she has many names and incarnations throughout the tales of Hindu religion.
Goddess Durga symbolized the Divine forces that is used against the negative forces of evil and wickedness. She represents pure energy, known as divine light that is the embodiment of feminine and creative energy.
10 3/8" tall, Cold Cast Bronze