Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia Of Healing, Reba Karp

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In his psychic trances Edgar Cayce diagnosed illnesses from arthritis to sarcoma to epilepsy -- and many of his cures have been backed by recent medical science. Now -- in one easy-to-read volume -- 9,000 of Edgar Cayces Psychic Readings have been compiled into a quick-reference encyclopedia to help usher you healthfully into the next millennium. covering nearly 200 different ailments from A to Z, including the common cold, nervous disorders, and cancers, this invaluable Cayce resource also offers in-depth descriptions of the dozens of natural remedies.
A newspaper reporter and editor who has written extensively about the Cayce Foundation, Reba Ann Karp has studied Cayces medical readings and scrutinized the latest medical research to present this invaluable guide to better and healthier living.

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