The Encyclopedia of Celtic Myth and Legend - by John & Caitlin Matthews

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In Encyclopedia of Celtic Myth and Legend, authors John and Caitlin Matthews have compiled one of the most comprehensive collections of Celtic lore ever, drawing from every known source from the Celts well-known classics, to neglected sources and forgotten archives. Their fresh translations and lucid commentary make this an essential text for students, researchers, and indeed, for anyone who has ever felt drawn to the Celtic spirit. The tales and poems are arranged thematically in keeping with the bardic traditions from which they come, and transport the reader to the shores of distant lands, populated by heroes and heroines, gods and kings, fairy folk, maidens and magicians. Here the ancient legends unfold, telling of battles and births, voyages and visions, love and longing, wooings and wisdom, dreams and vengeance. This collection of Celtic lore represents the lifetimes work of two internationally acclaimed writers. It is their hope that it will inspire those who wish to inherit the "bright knowledge"-the glefisa-of the ancestors, that they may illumine their own lives with this wisdom and, in turn, pass it on to their descendants.

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