Energy Wellness for Your Pet, Cyndi Dale

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Discover the Amazing Ways Subtle Energy Enhances Your Pets Wellness and the Bond You Share Together
Improve your pets emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being and strengthen the bond between the two of you in the process using vibrational medicine and energy techniques. Bestselling author Cyndi Dales remarkable guide covers the chakras and subtle energy system for a variety of animals, from mammals to invertebrates. Youll explore the foundational energetics of common problems and learn how to assist your pet, no matter what the issue.
Using intuitive communication and energetic assessments, you can fully support your pets development in every stage of life. Explore the use of essential oils, stones, and homeopathy to promote healing. Discover your pets energetic signature to better understand his or her personality and needs. This indispensable book helps you create a happier, more loving relationship with your beloved animal and discover more of your true self along the way.
Includes 12 pages of full-color illustrations.