Espiritu Sacred Plant Incense Sticks

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Blended Resin Rolled Artisan Incense:

  • Hand-rolled
  • Gorgeous smelling, long lasting and extremely high quality ingredients.
  • Each stick is lovingly hand rolled using only the finest herbs and resins. They are 2-3 times the thickness of traditional stick incense.
10 Sticks per Pack.

Dragon's BloodDragon’s Blood incense sticks smell wonderful and thought to increase the potency of other resins. Enhances rituals involving love, protection and exorcism. Believed to have aphrodisiac properties when burned. It has a semi-sweet, mildly spicy, floral aroma.

Palo SantoUsed to heal the body, the soul, and to purify spaces as well. Palo Santo incense sticks smell wonderful and are powerful for cleansing and clearing spaces, raises your vibration.

White SageUsed for clarity, gaining wisdom, and increasing spiritual awareness. White Sage incense sticks smell wonderful, are powerful for cleansing & clearing spaces and objects, and for beginning any spiritual work or meditation practice.

White Sage & LavenderUsed for cleansing, relaxation, and stress relief.
Lavender is burned to relax and calm both body & mind, and is used to aid in sleep, or to alleviate stress. Its scent is floral & soothing, and one of the most easily identifiable herbal aromas. 

Frankincense & PatchouliUsed for clarity, relaxation, and mood elevation. Frankincense & Patchouli incense sticks smell wonderful and are believed to cure various types of illness. Works as an aphrodisiac and has been used for thousands of years during meditation & prayer to increase focus.

Palo Santo & Sandalwood - Used as an aphrodisiac, calming, centering, exhaustion, grounding, relaxing, stress, raising your vibration. 


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Bret R
Espiritu incense

I really like this incense. Puts out a good amount of scent and smoke