Feast of the Morrighan, Christopher Penczak

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"...the Morrighan will indeed teach you. She will dare you, inspire you, provoke you, test you, make you see your power, and compel you use it to be all you can be. The Morrighan is a Goddess to inspire you to great achievements. She requires you to banish weakness, which means you must face your fears and leave comfort behind. She wont fight your battles: Shell show you how to fight them yourself. This is why she stays in the shadows. It is you that she is pushing into the limelight, you that she wants to be seen. She wants to you to be glorious." from the Foreword by Kerr Cuhulain In this devotional work, author Christopher Penczak delves deeply into the lore of the Morrighan, the "Phantom Queen," creating a grimoire that is part historical research, part poetic inspiration, and part personal experience, creating "...a feast for her devotees, something to nourish us in the development of our relationship with her." A fantastic resource for anyone working with the dark goddesses of the Celtic tradition or seeking to do so!

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