Flower Agate Crescent Moons

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Flower agate is a recent discovery, mined in Madagascar. It is a variety of plume agate, but with unique, 3-D looking formations made from chalcedony inclusions -- giving them a flowerlike appearance.   Flower agate is a stone that promotes self-realization, self-compassion, and ultimately, self-growth.  It allows one to identify past traumas & acknowledge emotional burdens that weight heavy on the heart, & helps loosen their tight grip & allow healing to occur.  As with many agates, it soothes negativity of the mind & helps alleviate self-doubt, thus encouraging one to "blossom" into one's fullest potential & Highest Self.

Chakras: Root & Heart

Each crescent moon is unique & made out of 100% natural flower agate.  Each varies slightly in color, shape, size & appearance.


Small ~ 1.2oz & 1.75"Lx1.5"W

Medium ~ 1.4-1.6oz & 2"Lx1.75"W

Large ~ 2-2.5oz & 2.25"Lx2"W


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Koko Cunningham
Flower Agate Crescent Moon

This is just a beautiful crystal. And the crescent moon shape is perfectly appropriate for the colors and variations expressed by nature in this crystal..It goes with me in my pocket most days and is a lovely hand warmer when I reach in my pocket and hold it.