Flower Agate Pebble

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Flower agate is a recent discovery, mined in Madagascar. It is a variety of plume agate, but with unique, 3-D looking formations made from chalcedony inclusions -- giving them a flowerlike appearance.   Flower agate is a stone that promotes self-realization, self-compassion, and ultimately, self-growth.  It allows one to identify past traumas & acknowledge emotional burdens that weight heavy on the heart, & helps loosen their tight grip & allow healing to occur.  As with many agates, it soothes negativity of the mind & helps alleviate self-doubt, thus encouraging one to "blossom" into one's fullest potential & Highest Self.

Chakras: Root & Heart


Small pebbles measures ~1.25-1.5" in diameter & ~ 1.8oz

Large measure ~2-2.25" in diameter & 2.5-3.5oz