Garnierite Pebble

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Garnierite, also referred to 'Green Moonstone' is the "Stone of Acquisition".  It's actually a variety of serpentine with a high nickel concentration, giving it its electrifying, bright blue/green hues.  It vibrates with the energy of love and compassion, and thus, is an excellent higher heart stimulator.  It can bring about luck, and is an excellent stone for aiding in manifestation and working with the Law of Attraction.  It urges to turn inward & become more introspective to heal deep wounds in the heart, while also providing protection & support during this reflection.

Chakras: Solar Plexus & Heart

Each pebble is unique & hand-selected, varying slightly in color, shape, size & appearance.  Small pebbles measure ~2-2.5"long.  Large pebbles measure >3.5"long