Healers Almanac, Patti Shaw

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Contained in the fabric of your body, mind and emotions are the keys to happiness. The Healers Almanac teaches you to access your own wisdom and become the principle healer in your life. Alternative Healing. What is it? Who does it help? How does it help? Here in the Healers Almanac, we will define the many Alternative Therapies available and introduce you to health practitioners that provide those treatments. More than just a reference book, the Almanac is your guide as you journey through a year of healing. Offering meditations, inspiration and humor, the Healers Almanac will bring you closer to achieving the physical and emotional well being you have longed for. Included within: Description of many alternative medical therapies, informative articles by licensed health practitioners, messages from the Goddesses of the 21st Century, healing meditations with the Goddesses, journal pages with insightful daily affirmations, helpful hints for staying healthy all year long, creative ways to work with the moon energy, resource section of local health practitioners and Patty Shaw is co-owner of Coventry Creations, creators of the Blessed Herbal Candles. Devoted to her spiritual path, Patty offers her clients support as a Spiritual Counselor and Reiki master and teaches her life-long passions of taking responsibility for your own health and healing. Patty lives in Michigan with her husband and 2 children.

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