Hematite Rings

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Hematite rings are often worn as a form of protection from unwanted negative energy.  Sizes vary 6-10 & are selected at random.


Customer Reviews

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My favorite

Best hematite rings I have found and the only ones with such a captivating textural pattern

Kim Duong
Love this place

The girl that was working was really nice ans knowledgeable I wish I knew her name! Always a pleasure to go to this store ✨️❤️

Love these!

These are my favorite hematite rings. The other comment stated that it broke; To clarify, hematite and especially hematite rings are known for this. Especially if you are wearing them daily and running them under water. Treat them gently and they can last for quite a bit!

Heidi Cassone
Unfortunate accident

It Fell off my finger, and broke. The inside looks like RESIN.

Hello there Heidi ! I'm sorry to hear your hematite ring fell and broke. They are very fragile and will often break if hit against something very hard or dropped from a distance. Although they do look different inside ( the polished surface looks very different than the rough hematite you'd see when looking at the interior, same if you break open a tumbled stone) I can assure you that the hematite rings we have are not made from resin.