Herbal Burning Blends - by Earthdrawn

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Purely Embodied - Eucalyptus / Peppermint / Lavender

This Burning Blend works with herbs known for their purification properties. Burn this blend to bless your space and body before meditation, energy work, or self reflection. These herbs work together to purify and clear resistance to your own self-embodiment. Work with this herbs to help embody more of your light and true essence with ease. 

Divine Protection - Blessed Thistle / Red Sandalwood / Lavender

This Burn Blend works with strong plant allies for protection and setting sacred space. You can place this blend along doorways as an energetic boundary, carry it with you in a medicine bag for added protection, or burn to clear your space and auric field of any unwanted energies. This is a great substitute to sage and helps to welcome divine energies of protection for your support. 

Sweet Radiance - Chamomile / Rose Petals / Lemongrass

This Burning Blend helps to uplift your space and bring you into your ecstatic joy. When these herbs work together, they create a giddy, free-spirited energy that helps to lighten denser energies and wrap you in pure bliss. You can use this blend to enhance any candle magic for calling in joyful abundance, or burn to bless your space in sweet, radiant joy. 

Grounded Awareness - Rosemary / Blessed Thistle / Jasmine

This earthy Burning Blend creates a peaceful calm that can enhance focus, clairvoyance, and clear your path ahead. Together, these herbs are perfect for creating more space in your life and energy field . Where you can be clear in your knowing and grounded in your awareness. Work with this blend to center in your intuition and clear away cluttered energy.