Honey Glass Jar - 8.5oz

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The craftsmanship of this 100% recycled glass jar from Spain intertwines both aesthetic charm and eco-conscious sensibility into a single, functional piece. Resembling a classic honey pot, this jar is adorned with two mock handles on each side, adding a timeless appeal to its design. The delicate green hue of the glass alludes to its sustainable creation process, utilizing recycled content which not only embodies ethical manufacturing practices but also renders each piece with its unique color making every jar distinctly special.

Tailored for gourmet food packaging, it provides an ideal base for a variety of delectable treasures from honey to jams or jellies. Its wide mouth design offers convenience during the pouring & filling process and with the included cork stopper, you can seal your contents securely while adding a touch of natural charm.

It can also be used for storing herbs, spices, bath salts and crystals. Also great for creating intention or spell jars!


Opening: 1.96" - Width: 3.54" -  Depth: 3.54" - Height: 3.94" - Holds up to 12oz - BPA & Lead free - Cork included.

*This Clear jar is dishwasher safe but the colored glass is painted and should be hand washed only with non-abrasive cleaners.