Inner Compass Love Cards

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You are pure love. The Inner Compass Love cards deck is designed to help you to experience love in all its possibilities, and to strip away all the armor you have built around your heart. The cards will stimulate your creativity and lead you to those clear spaces in which you can give and receive love absolutely. Not just romantic love, but the all—encompassing love that is your heritage as a living, breathing being.

Each of the 49 cards contains many layers of profound wisdom and symbolism to initiate self—guidance, self—reflection and great personal growth. The cards will guide you on a daily basis or whenever you have a question on a specific situation as it relates to matters of emotion, affection, or interaction with others. By utilizing your own subconscious, you can bring your attention back to the characteristics that you value most in connection with others.

Inner Compass Love cards tap into your playful nature to connect you back to yourself so that you can be free and open with others. The cards are easy to use alone or altogether and are perfect for anyone willing to transcend their own limitations and fully embrace the many facets of love.

Let your inner compass point the way toward love.