Jasper Dreamcatcher

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10" black hoop with black webbing & natural treelimb underline.  Black yarn, recycled green, red & gold skirt fabric, pearl-colored & gray yarn, tan/gray/white tri-colored yarn, espresso sari silk, red jasper & assorted silver beads & Amazon parrot feathers.  Featuring: Red Jasper for strength, stability, courage, & grounding.
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My catchers of C&C are not your traditional dreamcatchers as practiced & created in Native American cultures to dispel unwanted nightmares.  Rather, my catchers are created with the intention to help dreamers manifest & achieve their wildest dreams.  They're carefully crafted with yarn, silk, & recycled cloth, feathers, & beads that have once been apart of either my wardrobe, the wardrobe of others, or they've belonged to a previous being (human or bird) who has shedded them away.  These recycled materials symbolize the natural cycle of life in which their energy is repurposed to create something beautiful & new.     
-Kelsie (Catchers & Cloth)