LILITH: Healing The Wild, Tom Jacobs

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After 6,000 years of imbalance between masculine and feminine, we are emerging into the light of conscious awareness about who we really are. In this important book Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel Tom Jacobs explores the genesis of the patriarchy and how Liliths issues reflect the imbalance through which we have for so long lived. This is Toms most popular book and readers report that this is because it is the first positive, life-affirming approach to this misunderstood and feared figure.Jacobs takes apart the myth that we have been taught and cuts through the fog of negativity surrounding Lilith that has brought us to fear knowing this critical aspect of human nature. He lays out an archetypal process for healing Lilith within us that honors her as a natural part of us - not as a demon to be feared. Jacobs then explains the difference between several Liliths used in astrology, making a case for the use of the osculating apogee or true Black Moon Lilith. Natal houses, signs, and aspects of Lilith are explained, followed by transits and progressions to Lilith and the true Black Moon itself in transit. The text concludes with an exploration of Lilith in relationship. This book offers a unique look at a goddess we are taught to fear but need to learn to honor and respect within us. Tom Jacobs provides tools to end the patriarchal war on the feminine through insight, acceptance, and compassion.

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