Messages Of Universal Wisdom book

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FW Book of the Year Awards Finalist 2009 ...Body, Mind & Spirit.
Messages of Universal Wisdom is a unique and beautifully illustrated account of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, that introduces the Image Keys and tells the story of their creation and significance. The Image Keys are paintings which are energetically active tools for raising consciousness, created through infinite love and divine wisdom. They interweave the multifaceted energies of Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Astrological Alignments, Angels, and Spirit Guides. Their purpose is to shine light upon our spiritual path as they gently activate the wisdom we each hold within our heart. This allows us to connect to the deepest levels of global consciousness to find our true self, our full potential, and our purpose in life. Inspirational channelings from ArchAngel Metatron and Mary Magdalene are presented as they speak with clarity, beauty, and simplicity on behalf of each Image Key.
What others are saying...
"Barbaras work is both aesthetically beautiful and spiritually powerful... inner experiences of vibrational ascension can be kindled through contemplation of this inspired art." Robert Simmons, co-author of The Book of Stones and author of Stones of the New Consciousness
"More than simply beautiful images- true energetic keys." Naisha Ahsian, Author of the Crystal Ally Cards, co-author of The Book of Stones
"Energy to gently awaken the deepest levels of global consciousness." Dorinda Gay, Energy Intuitive and founder of Spirit Transitions
"A tool for opening the heart and shining light on the spiritual path." L Shannon Anderson, M.Ed.,LMHC, author of The magdalene Awakening
"Messages Of Universal Wisdom will touch you in ways you cannot begin to imagine..." Diane Hindman, Ph.D., Publisher, Natural Nutmeg Magazine