Modern Witchcraft Book of Natural Magick, Judy Ann Nock

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Your Guide To Crafting Charms, Rituals & Spells From The Natural World
Modern-day interest in witchcraft and wicca isnt surprising who wouldnt want to focus their energy into rituals of change and healing in todays troubled and chaotic times? Right now, many of the most popular types of magick are nature-based.
This fun and practical book includes methods to help you connect with the Earth mother and your own natural self. Each chapter focuses on a different type of nature magick, from seed magick to the magick of the sun, of water, of the moon, and more and every topic includes its own accompanying spells, charms, rituals, and meditations.The Modern Witchcraft Book of Natural Magick is your complete guide to everything youll need to know about nature-based magick to fully embrace your spiritual and natural self.

Shamanism & Druidry/ Wicca & Pagan

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