Moss Agate Skull

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Beautiful hand-carved & polished skulls made of moss agate.  Often perceived as a symbol of death or mortality, crystal skulls also signify hope.  Skulls act as a 3D visual of the mind & can represent our ability to unlock other dimensions of consciousness & strengthen our psychic connection.  Each skull is uniquely individual, so colors, shapes, & sizes vary.  

Moss Agate, actually a form of chalcedony, brings us closer to Mother Nature.  It draws us closer to “home” & helps us trace back to our “roots”, allowing us to recognize our conditioning that may have led us astray or towards pain & suffering.  It helps acknowledge the innocent, inner child within all of us, who can embrace the great beauty & abundance of opportunity the world beholds.  This nurturing stone reminds us of life’s smaller, more meaningful, pleasures & steers us away of distraction, chaos, & complications caused by material things. 

Chakras: Root, Heart