Nuummite & Amethyst Bracelet 8mm

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Nuummite, the oldest living mineral on Earth, opens, cleans, and activates the chakras. It grounds one to both Earth and the etheric body & provides a shield against negative energy. Also called the “stone of memory”, it teaches us how we can heal the Earth. Helps one see beyond facades, and attracts strength and perseverance. Stimulates memory and intellect and promotes the synthesis of intellect, intuition, and mystical wisdom.

Amethyst, referred to as the “All Healer”, is a highly sought premium gemstone celebrated & used since time immortal.  It’s a stone of emotional & cognitive understanding, growth, & balance that unlocks powerful spiritual guidance, wisdom, & psychic development.  Also a stone of greater acceptance, it allows us to find our Personal Power as well as contentment with what we have- which is enough- in order to live from a place of strength, peace, & grace.  Amethyst is known also known as the “Stone of Recovery”, guiding us beyond pain & suffering of any kind & towards recovering our Authentic Self. 

Bracelet has small silver triple moon with pentacle charm.