Pyrite Faceted Pendulum

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Pendulums have been used for thousands of years for a range of purposes, from finding water and other precious things to healing the body and spirit.  In the mystical realm, pendulums have become recognized as a divination tool for healing and asking for guidance.

Pyrite is a stone of protection & manifestation.  It works to shield one from negative energy, toxic behavior, & danger.  It also can be used or held during meditation practices, as its metallic glow resembles a star, shining bright, helping you focus & draw attention onto what it is you're reaching for.  It works to strengthen the solar plexus & helps build power, self-will, determination, creativity & strength.

Chakras:  Root

Each hand-selected faceted pendulum is made of 100% natural crystal & is attached to a 7-9" chain with a glass bead or loop at the end for ease of use.