Circular Selenite Bowl

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What a lovely way to store your crystals  - Selenite is one of the most powerful ways of cleaning and charging stones! These can be used as a smudge bowl as well. 

These selenite bowls are circular and 3" or 4" in diameter. Their bases are quite thick so they are quite durable. 

Selenite is an essential addition to any crystal collection. Holding exponentially high & pure vibrations, it makes a powerful promoter of consciousness, & encourages one to rise up towards one’s Highest Self. Selenite is said to unlock the spiritual pathway to the Divine & can also be used to tap into past-lives & deepen your meditation practice. It promotes purity, positivity, authenticity, & connection to Source. It’s an excellent stone for clearing blocked energy, re-aligning the chakras, and for cleansing & recharging all other stones, especially under a full moon.