Selenite Sticks

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Add to the entrance to your home, office, or sacred space & use these selenite sticks to recharge your crystal collection & continuously cleanse the energy that surrounds you.  

Selenite is an essential addition to any crystal collection. Holding exponentially high & pure vibrations, it makes a powerful promoter of consciousness, & encourages one to rise up towards one’s Highest Self. Selenite is said to unlock the spiritual pathway to the Divine & can also be used to tap into past-lives & deepen your meditation practice. It promotes purity, positivity, authenticity, & connection to Source. It’s an excellent stone for clearing blocked energy, re-aligning the chakras, and for cleansing & recharging all other stones, especially under a full moon. 

Chakras: 3rd Eye & Crown


Customer Reviews

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Allie Fitzsimmons
Excellent for Beginner’s

These Selenites are well-cut and ideal for beginners starting their collection. They are easy to hold and come in various sizes.

Katrina Hoodwin

Great size for travel or a beginner to start their collection