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SOUNDFLOWER is the story of a woman those divine quest began as a child with a mystical experience in the majestic Gothic architecture of a Catholic church. Signs and symbols experienced in her youth continued to appear throughout her life, but one of the most profound spiritual messages came to her from science in the form of sound made visible.In this book, Mandara Cromwell reveals an angelic experience with a message that led her to create a new paradigm of healing. If you are looking for answers in your own spiritual quest and a more natural way of healing the body, SOUNDFLOWER will benefit you in a multitude of ways.It is an intimate sharing of personal experiences showing the incredible power of sound from the ancient practices of healers in many cultures, to the instruments of cutting edge sound technology. The author relates her story of being on the forefront of a new science, while also on a journey to follow her heart.SOUNDFLOWER is replete with stunning images of the beauty of sound made visible, further illustrating the signs and symbols of the authors journey. Readers will be introduced to the relatively new science of cymatics and a fantastic glimpse into the beauty of the natural world.This book will appeal to physicians, metaphysicians, and anyone on a spiritual quest who is in awe of the universe.

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