Spirit Animals - by Steven D. Farmer

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As Guides, Teachers and Healers - A Compilation of Short Stories and Articles

Spirit Animals as Guides, Teachers, and Healers is a compilation of articles I’ve written over the last few years about a topic that is near and dear to my heart: how animals can serve as spiritual messengers to help guide, teach, and heal us. Although this subject is covered in detail in some of my books and other products, in particular the best-selling Animal Spirit Guides and Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals, editorial constraints prevented much of this material from being included in those publications and several were written since those books became available. I wanted to make this material readily available and in a form that was affordable and easy to access.

There are many true to life stories of experiences with spirit animals in these pieces and as you read through these I’m sure you’ll find yourself intrigued by the entire topic. I’ve had many demonstrations of how the natural world communicates with us, particularly through the animals that show up in physical reality or in consciousness. To learn from these spirit beings, it’s a matter of becoming better listeners with your ears, eyes, and senses. The more you pay attention and “listen” with all of you, the more you can discern and understand their messages. - Steven Farmer