Spirit Journeys, Steven and Marcia Rogat

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Ghosts! Earthbound spirits, and wandering souls of the dead, dying and terminally ill are all around us. Discover why they are holding onto the earth and how we can communicate with them in the world of spirit. Learn how to guide them toward deeper levels of compassion and forgiveness, freeing them to complete their journey home. Whether searching for peace with those who have already passed on, helping loved ones prepare to make the transition, or seeking guidance along our own path, these personal encounters will reaffirm our enduring connection with Spirit."This book is a wonderful journey in understanding the nature of a soul and its yearning to be free. It is educational, informative and beautifully spiritual. All metaphysicians should read it, for much wisdom and value will be gleaned." - James Van Praagh, author of Talking to Heaven and Healing Grief." "...Excellent authors, a very readable book, intriguing subject. Their narrative is brisk and well edited... Both informational and entertaining, the book will attract and excite many readers. The Rogats are the Ghost Busters!" - Writers Digest, 11th Annual Self-Published Book Awards.

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