Testimony Of Light, Helen Greaves

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When Frances Banks died, her friend Helen Greaves was by her side. Then, one evening some weeks later, Helen sensed Frances presence. This encounter marked the beginning of an extraordinary communication from "beyond the veil." A moving and inspiring book. Charles William Daniel (1871-1955) was a maverick free-thinker whose tiny publishing house had august links with many of the most influential thinkers and movements of the 20th century. To wit, copies of Daniels books could be found in the library at Ghandis ashram. This spirit lived on after his death, and the company maintained its niche by publishing definitive texts on a variety of spiritual and esoteric subjects. Many of these titles, notably those on Aromatherapy and Bach Flower remedies, have become standard works on the subject. When the C.W. Daniel list went looking for a new home, the Vermilion and Rider imprints were the natural place for this wonderful collection of authors.