The Dictionary of Dreams: Every Meaning Interpreted

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Dreams can be fun and adventurous, scary and distorted, or a dizzying disarray of both. From losing teeth, a sign of feeling out of control, to crawly spiders, a sign that fortune is on the horizon, dreams can mean so much more once you learn the tools for deciphering their hidden - and many times contradictory - meanings.
Beginning with selections from classic dream texts, including Henri Bergsons eminent essay "Dreams," Sigmund Freuds groundbreakingThe Interpretation of Dreams,and Gustavus Hindman Millers hallmark10,000 Dreams Interpreted, this expanded and updated edition gives you the foundational tools to interpret and understand thousands of dream symbols and their associated meanings. Also included is an insightful how-to section on keeping a dream journal, as well as a thorough breakdown of the top-ten most common dreams we experience.
This definitive edition gives you all the resources needed to translate your cryptic nightly visions and delve deeper into your innermost self.

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