The Middle Pillar: The Balance Between Mind and Magic

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The classic book on working with the energy of the body for spiritual purposes, The Middle Pillar by Israel Regardie, is now more complete, more modern, more usable, and better than ever.
The exercise known as the Middle Pillar was devised by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Regardie expanded upon it and made it public over 60 years ago in the first edition of this book. Since that time, the exercise has been altered and adapted for just about any spiritual use you could think of. It is a mainstay of many Western traditions of magic.
Now in its third edition, The Middle Pillar is better than ever. It has been edited by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, close friends of the late Regardie and senior Adepts of the Golden Dawn. They have also added new material in a separate section that more than doubles the size of the book with their valuable insights and knowledge.

Includes the complete original text, with nothing eliminated
Spelling has been standardized to Western traditions
Each chapter now has a title to identify its content
The Ciceross notes to each chapter add insight and history to Regardies work
Modern and clearer illustrations have been added
New, a further exploration of the relationship between magic and psychology
New, more than five techniques to enhance relaxation
New, the Middle Pillar and the chakras
New, versions of the Middle Pillar exercise in Egyptian, Greek, and Gaelic
New, a shamanic version of the Middle Pillar
New, how to use the Middle Pillar to charge talismans and do healings

The Middle Pillar is now expanded to what it always should have been, a thorough, accessible examination and extension of the single ritual that has become the very embodiment of magic. Get The Middle Pillar and learn the real secrets of magic.

High Magick/ Spiritual Science