The Transparent Oracle

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North, south, east, west, above, below, and withinno matter where in the world we may be, we are all the center of our universe as we perceive it. And it is the elemental forces of these 7 directions that combine for your use when divining, meditating, and storytelling with this revised edition of The Transparent Oracle. The 77—card circular deck includes 7 new archetype cards to add extra clarity to readings about relationships with the people around us as well as aspects of our personality. When layered, these see—through cards create a mandala—like image, showing the influences that are affecting us, helping us to make sense of the seeming chaos of life. The guidebook is a collection of hints and starting points to get you on your way with keywords and card meanings and includes 3 spreads by author and esoteric researcher David Rankine. The rotating aspect of the cards opens up your readings to even more possibilities providing advice, support, and inspiration when needed.

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