Thoth Egyptian God of Knowledge

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There are various tales of how Thoth came to be, some say he created himself through the power of language, speaking himself into being, others claim that he was born from the seed of Horus from the forehead of Set. Regardless of whichever story that Thoth came to be, he was one of the most popular gods in ancient Egypt.
Thoth is the god of writing, magic, knowledge, and the moon. He created hieroglyphics. Due to his alignment with the divine balance and knowledge, Thoth was credited with the creation of law and was through to be an infallible judge.
Thoth often appears by the side of Anubis in the Hall of Truth as the scribe. He kept accounts of the soul whose heart is being weight against the feather of truth. Thoth is most often depicted as a humanoid with the head of an ibis, sometimes with the image of a baboon.